Great performance by Maria Marzano who sings No Time to Die at the audition for the blind of The Voice Norway

It took Billie Eilish very little time to become the most popular teenager in the world. The American singer is an idol of millions today, and her songs are often performed in talent shows. The participant in the Norwegian version of The Voice Maria Marzano decided to use a piece from Billie’s repertoire. Trainers and Internet users cannot be overcome with admiration.

Billie Eilish is a star that needs no introduction. Despite her young age, she achieved international success, becoming one of the greatest icons of her generation. The singer’s work has been appreciated not only by the music industry, but above all by millions of listeners around the world, for whom Billie has become a great inspiration. Maria Marzano, a participant in the sixth edition of the Norwegian The Voice, who surprised everyone with her interpretation of the hit No Time To Die, is certainly one of the admirers of the talent of a teenage American woman. The original song recorded by Billie Eilish was created for the next part of the James Bond films, the premiere of which was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The song was very positively received, as was Maria’s performance. Internet users immediately noticed the striking resemblance to the original. When you listen to Maria, it is really easy to get the feeling that you are listening to Billie.

Such situations where the jurors are not sure whether the original performer of a given piece is standing on the stage do not happen often. However, this was the case with Maria Marzano, who performed one of the most difficult pieces from Billie Eilish’s repertoire in a daring way. The performance delighted not only the coaches, but also Internet users from around the world, who cannot believe how the vocal of the show participant is similar to that of the American singer.

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