Miyoko Shida Displays Her Incredible Power Of Concentration

Like most of us, you have probably heard one version of the expression “all things are possible with….” There are many ways of ending that expression, but for Miyoko Shida, I believe the missing word is ‘concentration.’

The power of concentration, and patience, that Miyokio Shida presents is extraordinary. This woman actually balances a feather, on sticks no less. I mean, really? That is some serious concentration.

If this woman practices yoga, you just know she has hit another plane of existence. It is almost indescribable how she does this in the video below. She will literally make you question the existence of gravity.

Miyoko Shida is also a silver-medalist, which is completely believable when you have seen her performance. Don’t miss this woman’s exceptional talent in the video below. Your mind will be blown.

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