Swing dancing duo sizzles, twirling into hearts with electrifying moves

“Rock That Swing Festival” (RTSF) in Munich recently showcased 16 years of celebrating the Swing and rock’n’roll era. Dancers and music enthusiasts from all over the world came together to enjoy themselves at the dance festival.

The event included dance nights, live music, shows, competitions, and workshops, catering to dancers of all levels. In addition, the festival hosted 82 of the world’s best teachers who offered to teach different dance styles.

There are more than 300 workshops for different dance styles, such as Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Authentic Jazz, Rockabilly Jive, Blues, etc. The workshops are designed to cater to dancers of all levels, from beginners to advance.

The RTSF festival even features Shag Battle Finals, where 7 couples dance to beautiful music. These talented dancers perform in sync, matching every move together, much to the admiration of the onlookers. The diverse group of dancers shows that it didn’t matter which race or color they belonged to; they all shared a passion for swing dancing.

After the individual performances, the couples were asked to perform together for the audience and judges. Again, the dancers showcase their fantastic chemistry and energy, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

The festival’s venue is the magnificent ballroom of the Deutsches Theater, located at the heart of Munich. The fantastic location added to the festival’s incredible atmosphere, making it a must-visit for all swing dance enthusiasts.

“Rock That Swing Festival” proves that this event is more than just a dance festival. It unites people from all over the world through their love for swing dancing and music. The dance festival leaves everyone longing for the following year’s event.

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