‘American Idol’ Audition by Tyson Venegas Earns the Platinum Ticket

Some of the best memorable moments from ‘American Idol’ happen during the auditions. That is where the judges find the raw talent, and many surprising cover versions of songs appear.

Finding a diamond in the rough was exactly what happened when Tyson Venegas delivered his audition cover of Billy Joel’s ‘New York State of Mind.’ The judges loved it, and Tyson has been celebrated for his incredible talent.

Tyson sits at a white piano and begins to play and sing with a high voice and a fast vibrato. The softness in his voice brings a surprisingly smooth feel to the song.

Tyson pulls off some amazing runs as well. Throughout the song, judge Katy Perry shows the other judges that she has goosebumps from his singing. After one particular vocal run, judge Lionel Richie says, “That is wild.”

Tyson ends softly, and the judges give him a standing ovation. Lionel asks for the singer to bring his mom into the room. Lionel says, “Now, Mom, I have to verify something. You can verify this is your child? Now, he’s claiming to be 17 years old. But he’s performing like a 45-year-old.”

They all chuckle, and Lionel says he was inspired, exclaiming, “That performance was spot-on professional.” All of the judges agree that Tyson is the real deal.

They give Tyson the rare platinum ticket, which is better than the golden ticket, and they say, “You’re going to Hollywood!” Everyone celebrates together as Tyson hugs his mother while the judges applaud his efforts.

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