Little Berenike moved by Udo Lindenberg’s anti-war song “War for what?”: Lena sheds tears on The Voice Kids

At her blind audition, Berenike has already touched millions of people with “What are wars for?”. In the battles she also manages to transfer her emotions to the audience – this time a lot of happiness.

Berenike competes in Team Wincent’s recent battle alongside Tyler and Thao. They sing the feel-good song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. All three not only sing wonderfully, they also dance happily across the stage and spread a lot of joy throughout the studio. Even the coaches and the audience can’t sit still and dance along happily.

“Everyone here was beaming, everyone got up, everyone had fun,” Wincent summarizes the good mood during the performance. The coach has a difficult decision to make. His choice falls on Berenike, who, in his opinion, “did the best improvement, had fun, had a great attitude.”

At her blind audition, Berenike would probably never have dreamed that her performance would end with “What are wars for?” will soon have such sad news. She chose the song because it is her mother’s favorite song. The recording of their blind audition was already in autumn 2021. At that time nobody suspected that a few months later there would be a war here in Europe.

Even without this context, ten-year-old Berenike manages to deeply touch the studio and the coaches with the song by Udo Lindenberg. Shortly after the girl has started, Lena is deeply moved: “I’ll start crying right away,” she says with glassy eyes. The audience gives Berenike great applause and in the end Lena actually has tears in her eyes. Everyone is touched by the gentle voice and the message it conveyed.

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