Ronan Parke – Britain’s Got Talent Live Final – International Version’

12-year-old Ronan is nervous about performing to the judges – but not as nervous as his mum! Armed with a good set of lungs and a day off school – has young Ronan got what the judges are looking for

Many incredible kids have participated in Britain’s Got Talent till date. Ronan Parke is one of them. This little boy was only 12 when he auditioned for the 2011 instalment. He was nervous since lots of kids before him got rejected by the judges. It was also his first public appearance. But he didn’t let fear take him over. You are going to be amazed when you see how well he performed!

Parke sang his rendition of Michael Bublé’s “Feeling Good” onstage. When the audience heard the little boy, they were instantly floored. Ronan earned a standing ovation from the entire arena, including the judges. He finished as the runner up by a very thin margin. The show got him a recording contract and his debut album reached 22 on the UK Albums Chart. He is now 17 and is focusing on writing his own music.

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