Rare champagne-pink baby elephant spotted in South African Wildlife Park stands out from the rest of the gray herd

An unusual baby elephant was born in the South African National Park. Its color amazed visitors, because the baby elephant was not the usual gray color, like other representatives of its genus. And among all the elephant gray mass it could be seen from afar.

The baby elephant was born pink. In wildlife, not everyone is lucky to see such a miracle. The baby elephant was noticed when it frolicked by the water next to its mother and other elephants from the herd. In science, there is a definition for this rare phenomenon that occurs in nature among various representatives of flora and fauna – this is an albino.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to be an albino in nature. After all, pink becomes a target for predators and hunters. It is possible that pink elephants are born more often. But no one sees them due to the fact that they simply do not survive.

Now, if you could see an adult pink elephant, it’s almost like seeing a fairy-tale character. Still, being born albino, animals may not be recognized and expelled from the pack, herd, clan. Their fate, already from birth, alas, is bleak.

Although this particular elephant was lucky. He feels great in the herd among other babies, and calmly walks after his mother, not fearing that some elephant will offend him.

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