Sepp and Shauni sing ‘Marvin Gaye’ from Charlie Puth and Megahn Trainor in The Battles of The Voice Kids Flanders

The two contestants in question were named Sepp and Shauni. As the music starts, it becomes clear that the song they’ll be singing is “Marvin Gaye” by Charlie Puth and Meaghan Trainor. To add another layer to the performance, the two of them are also dressed up in traditional, 1950s American costumes.

Although the battle rounds are supposed to pit singers against one another, it’s clear that the two of them have some great chemistry from the very beginning.Just like him, her voice is also so precise and beautiful! While both singers do a great job all on their own, the performance really takes off when they start singing to one another and harmonizing!

The audience can definitely feel it. As the song goes on, the two of them get very, very close and sing right into each other’s faces. From that moment on, the fact that it’s a battle doesn’t seem to matter at all—the two of them have so much chemistry and they’re having so much fun singing together!

The two performers push the tension to the absolute breaking point and the audience loves it! Although the performance aired in the Netherlands, the clip has since spread around the world and has since earned nearly 19 million views on YouTube!

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