Baby’s first encounter with whipped cream

Babies are capable enough to give some of the craziest stares and innocent looks. Try to provide them with anything new, and they can quickly get confused. Nonetheless, their innocence is too much to handle.

Recently, parents of a baby in the US decided to experiment with their toddler. Earlier, they saw a birthday celebration of another infant whose parents had given the baby some whipped cream. Their aim was to see how the baby reacted to it.

This gave 8-month-old Vincenzo’s parents an idea of experimenting with their baby. They placed their infant on a high chair near the dining table and presented some whipped cream in front of the baby.

The poor child’s reaction toward so much whipped cream in front of him was funny. Vincenzo’s mother put some whipped cream in front of the child, which startled the infant. He looked baffled, not knowing what to do with the cream.

His innocent yet confused expression was enough to make his parents laugh. Then, the mother poured some more whipped cream in front of the infant. While doing so, the child kept staring at the can from where the cream was coming out.

The infant’s expressions seemed to say, “What is this thing in front of me?” the laughing mother also tried to make her toddler taste some whipped cream. But unfortunately, Vincenzo was in no mood to taste something he saw for the first time.

Seeing his mother enjoying every moment of the situation finally made Vincenzo smile a bit. After a while, he decided to look in another direction and keep himself busy with something more interesting than the whipped cream in front of him.

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