Deaf baby squeals with joy hearing her mom’s voice for the 1st time

Most babies recognize their parent’s voices and react with different facial expressions or silly sounds. However, two parents in the United Kingdom couldn’t experience that same reaction because their daughter Georgina was born completely deaf. But this story has a happy ending.

Recalling the moment the doctor’s notified them of the situation, Georgina’s father, Paul Addison, said, ‘Getting that sort of news is always going to be difficult.’ He continued, saying, ‘We focused on the practicalities of the situation and did our best to stay positive.’

Georgina’s condition was able to be helped by technology. She was fitted with a hearing aid which changed how she experienced the world. Addison shared that Georgina’s excitement towards sounds is hard to miss. It is like a lightbulb being switched on when the hearing aid takes effect.

The parents decided to record and post the adorable reaction with the world. Georgina’s face lit up with joy when she was able to hear her parent’s voices. It is one of the cutest videos you will ever see, and it will lift your spirit!

The moment she hears her mother’s voice, she immediately responds with cute baby sounds. Everyone seems to be in love with this video and Georgina because the video has gained thousands of views in a short amount of time.

Paul said, ‘Her face lights up, and she looks delighted. For us as parents, it is a true delight for us too. It fills my heart with joy, and you just can’t put a price on things like this.’

He continued, ‘Every morning she reacts like it’s a completely new experience, and that will never get old.’ It is a beautiful story about Georgina’s second chance to enjoy the sounds all babies love.

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