Couple’s country dance starts like any other until man picks her up and starts spinning her around

No wonder they got 1st place!

And what really happens when a modern boy suddenly meets a woman full of energy, who is a person from another era?

When two different dance styles are mixed in fairgrounds in the county, it can be a blast of good rock energy.

In any case, what is shaking the country? Be assured that one of the origins of John Travolta’s film “Urban Cowboy” puts this style of dance at the forefront. By Country Dance Online.

“The probable origin of the Earth Pendulum came at a time when hurried dancers were chasing John Travolta from the disco dance floor and entering the country bar shortly after the hit film ‘Urban Cowboy.’ By the time Western swing music returned from Country Swing’s dance style in the 1930s and 1940s, as we can see today, there were many similarities to the strength of the 1970s. ”

High-energy movements take up very little space on the dance floor, but it is still great on an acrobatic performance that makes swing dancing so much fun and entertaining.

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