Deaf No More: Baby Hears Mom Say “I Love You” for The First Time

It wasn’t long before Charly’s parents began to suspect something was different about their newborn. The little girl didn’t seem to be responding to sounds and otherwise was perfectly normal in every other way.

The ability to hear is important, especially for children. Not only does sound help them understand the world around them and contribute to their emotional well-being, but it’s essential for their spoken language development

The sooner any problems are addressed the better, whether that involves hearing aids, implanted devices, if necessary, and of course sign language. Of course, a compassionate and supportive deaf community is also important part of the puzzle for any hearing impaired individual.

Charly’s parents, of course, wanted what they thought was best for her, so they made an appointment to see an audiologist right away. After some initial testing, Charly was determined to be a perfect candidate for a cochlear implant, the only way would be able to “hear” again. Mom was nervous but hopeful.

Happily, the surgery was a complete success. Charly’s mom made a video of her daughter hearing her voice for the first time. “I’ve never seen that face before.”

And indeed, little Charly makes some incredible faces: you can just see how she’s overwhelmed by all sorts of emotions. Once you’ve seen the video, which we’ve posted below, you’ll understand why it’s already attracted over 11 million views.

Charley’s mom was delighted by the positive reaction her video got: “From the bottom of my heart — thank you all so much for the heartfelt responses to our video of Charlotte hearing for the first time.

All the pain I felt knowing she hadn’t heard me tell her ‘I love you’ the last few months instantly went away at that moment. With all of the craziness going on in the world, we love that Charly has been able to warm hearts everywhere. We just adore her sweet little soul and I love being her mama!”

Watch this video and you’ll see what makes it so special. Seeing her reaction to hearing her adoring mother’s voice for the first time is remarkable.

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