Dad takes care of the triplet daughters… They are so wonderful. VIDEO

Our mothers plays a grate role in our life when we were children. All praises, poems and songs are dedicated to mothers.

Mothers can do the hard work of taking care of their children alone. But don’t forget about fathers.

There are times when the father replaces the mother for the children. A Chinese man who raises children alone has surprised the public.

He has triplets who are already 5 years old. A man performs all the duties of caring for children.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of one baby, not to mention triplets. Dad’s morning starts at seven o‘clock.

He has to make breakfast little girls, dress everyone and take them to the garden. After kindergarten home affairs begin.

A man cooks dinner for his little daughters, plays with them, bathes them and puts them to bed. The next day it starts all over again.

Wonderful father and lovely children — YouTube

When the single dad opened his blog and started posting triplets videos, he got a lot of followers who admire his courage and sense of responsibility.

A father is very important person in a daughter’s life. The relationship between little girl and dad affects to the future personal happiness of the girl.

After all, the father is the first man in her life, and thanks to his love and care, the foundations of future relationships with her husband are subconsciously laid.

Wonderful father and lovely children — YouTube

Of course, it is best for children to grow up in a full-fledged family where there is a mother and father.

But sometimes in the family due to disagreements between parents there is an unhealthy situation.

The young man has become a role model for many parents. He single-handedly copes with the upbringing of three young daughters and gives them love and protection.

And what else is needed for a happy childhood of children. On his page there are many funny videos about family leisure, how he plays and has fun with them.

May all children on earth have a happy family and a cloudless childhood.

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