How a simple, inconspicuous grandmother became a guardian angel for many seriously ill children

This is a story about kind people who are not indifferent to someone else’s grief. Some face such situations on their professional duty, showing at the same time their best human qualities, while others – at the call of their hearts. We are sure that a similar story can happen in any hospital. After all, there are many sympathetic people with a heart of gold, thank God, on our earth.

How a simple, inconspicuous grandmother became a guardian angel for many seriously ill children
He loved his job, but there were times when he wanted to write a letter of resignation and never return to the hospital department. But there were little patients waiting for him, who did not deserve to be left without help, and who believed him infinitely. He is a pediatric oncologist.

He made his choice a long time ago, back in his school years. His vocation is medicine, you can’t get away from it. He is trusted with the most valuable things – the lives and health of children.

Our doctor’s working day is not easy and often unpredictable. His work is not only diagnoses, examinations, treatment. This includes communication with young patients and their parents, whom it is important to support, encourage, and give them hope in time.

One day recently, while talking with his young patients, he learned very interesting information from them. It turns out that some mysterious grandmother comes to the children at night and tells them fairy tales. The children wondered when Grandma Dunya would come again. They missed her funny fairy tales.

Grandma knows how to show theater by folding her fingers in such a way that figures appear on the wall that move as if alive. With grandma Dunya, they are not afraid at night, and one girl who had no hair, she even promised to tie a beautiful hat, and tie two pigtails with big bows to it.

Our doctor worked in this hospital not so long ago. He was very interested in this mysterious night nurse, and he decided to find out who this kind woman was. Moreover, its existence was confirmed by the mothers of young patients. But they thought it was someone from the staff of the department, as the grandmother was always dressed in a white medical coat and a scarf.

As our doctor found out, at that time there was no woman with that name among the officially working staff of the department. And only in the hospital’s accounting department, after reviewing the lists of employees for the last 30 years, the doctor found one woman with that name. But she has not worked in the hospital for a long time, since she retired.

However, at the time of our doctor’s investigation, the woman must have been many years old. It is unlikely that she could have lived to such an advanced age. But the doctor did not believe in mysticism. And he was right. Here’s what happened next.

Once, on one of the night shifts, he heard someone loudly calling for a doctor. One of the smallest patients of the department became ill. A few more minutes and the doctors wouldn’t have had time.

After the girl’s condition stabilized, the doctor returned to the ward. A very elderly woman was sitting on a chair near the girl’s bed, and she called the doctor. It was that mysterious grandmother Dunya. If it hadn’t been for her, the girl would hardly have been saved.

Our doctor sincerely thanked the woman. A conversation ensued between them, and Grandma Dunya told her story.

Many years ago, she was asked to retire. Times were difficult, and they decided to give her salary to someone else. The woman didn’t mind. But she could not leave the small and defenseless children. Over the years of working at the hospital, she became very attached to them.

Evdokia Petrovna (that was the woman’s name) decided to come to the hospital to see young patients at night, because death likes to come at night. Since everyone knew the woman well at the hospital, the duty officer freely let her into the department where she worked earlier. The children need protection and support, but she still can’t sleep at night.

Here is such an unthinkable and touching story from real life. We wish health and many years of life to Grandma Doona, and a speedy recovery to the little patients!

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