This tiny cute puppy was born with green fur and was named Pistachio by his owners

Mother Nature always finds ways to surprise us in the most unexpected way. This time, an Italian farmer named Cristian Mallocci raised eyebrows in amazement.

The fact is that recently Christian’s beloved dog Spelacchia gave birth to five adorable puppies. “What’s wrong with that?” – you ask. The fact that one of the pups was born with green fur! The tiny creature was immediately named Pistachio because of the unique light green color of its coat. The rest of the puppies were born with cream-colored coats, just like their mother.

Needless to say, greenish-colored puppies are extremely rare. There are two possible natural reasons for this. Fur can turn greenish in the womb with the very first feces of babies (they are called meconium), or this is due to the presence of a special pigment in the womb – biliverdin. The four brothers of the unusual puppy will soon go to live in their new homes, while Christian decided to keep Pistachio.

Christian plans to teach him to look after the sheep with Spelacchia. Unfortunately, Pistachio fur won’t stay green forever. It has already begun to fade and acquire a “normal” color. But the name of the dog will always remind Christian of how unusual he was born!

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