When the beloved street cat died, the locals immortalized her memory by erecting her statue in her favorite spot

Probably, there are practically no people in the world who would not like cats.

These cute fluffy animals are like eternal children. They are touching both at a young age, when they are playful kittens, and already in adulthood, when they turn into fat and lazy cats lying in the sun. By the way, a cat always remembers its owner, did you know about that?

And it also happens that the whole city remembers the cat! This is what happened in Turkish Istanbul. A cat named Tombili became famous all over the world after some random tourist photographed her sitting in a very funny and relaxed pose on one of the streets of Istanbul. Photography exploded the World Wide Web and quickly became popular.

Tombili has become a true Internet legend: the hero of stories and memes. However, the animal was already old and, unfortunately, a year ago she passed away. In Istanbul, they decided to forever glorify the cat by erecting a monument to her!

A small bronze statue of Tombili in that very relaxed position at the very place where she was once photographed was recently installed in a Turkish city. It has a hidden meaning: it is intended to remind the residents and guests of Istanbul that in the midst of the bustle and eternal circle of worries, you need to find time to just sit down and relax, looking into the distance.

And the statue was also loved by local cats. They often come to it and sit next to it, as if remembering their famous friend Tombili.

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