A girl dared to sing one of the heaviest songs in the world. A Couple of Notes And The Judges Jumped From Their Seats.

Eleven-year-old Serena, hailing from Pisa, made a memorable appearance on the Next Star talent show, leaving the judges in awe with her extraordinary performance.

Serena’s artistic flair was evident right from the outset, captivating the audience and prompting a standing ovation from both the judges and the spectators. The talent show, a beloved platform for showcasing various forms of art, has always been a source of entertainment, relaxation, and an opportunity to witness the skills of exceptionally talented individuals.

Participation in such talent shows often serves as a ticket to recognition, offering a promising path for those with genuine gifts in the world of arts. It is a platform where hidden talents step into the spotlight, surprising even seasoned professionals who may have never encountered such remarkable abilities throughout their careers.

Serena Rigachi, the charming girl from Pisa, emerged into the limelight at the tender age of eleven, making her debut on «Next Star,» a widely acclaimed show at the time. Her confidence and poise on stage were striking, complemented by a unique stage presence that left a lasting impression on both judges and audience members, evoking heartfelt applause and even tears.

In a captivating performance, Serena showcased her vocal talent, choosing Whitney Houston’s iconic «I Will Always Love You.» With just two words, she made an indelible impression on the judges and the audience, eliciting an explosion of applause and a standing ovation. The room was filled with cheers and shouts of Serena’s name, marking the beginning of a promising musical journey for the talented young artist.

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