Ashes the cat went missing in 2015 and more than 6 years later she was found 1,400 miles away

Ashes the cat disappeared in 2015. The owners searched for her in the vicinity for several weeks, but to no avail. The cat was miraculously found after 6 years.

During this time, she has traveled more than 1400 miles. Ashes lived with her owners in Maine. A woman named Denise Cilley adopted the cat in 2014 when she was a kitten. Ashes ran away from home in 2015. When, more than 6 years later, Cilley received a call from a Florida veterinarian, she was surprised. The man said he found her cat. Cilley didn’t understand what they were talking about: she didn’t lose any cats in Florida. It wasn’t until the doctor described the cat’s striped coat that Cilley realized it was Ashes, her long-lost cat. The microchip helped find the cat.

From it, the veterinarian learned that the cat was adopted from a shelter and that she had previously lived in Maine. Bringing the animals from Florida to Maine proved to be a daunting task. To do this, Cilley created a joint fundraiser – it was necessary to pay a considerable bill from the clinic and bring a cat. The woman didn’t have that kind of money. At first, Cilley even thought it would be easier to find a new home for the cat in Florida. But then she realized that she had to return her sweetheart.

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