Pit bull rescued from dog fighting rings found comfort in her new giant rabbit friend

Man’s best friends always amaze us with their unlikely friendships. There are so many stories of incredible bonds between two different species, especially between dogs and other animals. Dogs are very friendly and gentle creatures, who are able to love and comfort all those in need of help. This time, an instant friendship arose between a pit bull and a giant white rabbit.

Mindy Hayes, a big animal lover and a kind woman, rescued an adorable pit bull, named Grace, a few years ago, who was two-years old at that time. The dog, unfortunately, had a hard past, she used to be a fighting dog, then just was tied up to a tree. Long time, Mindy had intention to adopt a rabbit, but she was afraid of Grace’s reaction. She thought they might not get along each other.

But after all, she adopted a beautiful white bunny, named Sophie, and introduced her to Grace. Mindy was surprised by her dog’s kind reaction. She accepted the new member of the family immediately. Even more, Grace and Sophie became best, inseparable friends.

After sniffing each other, they loved each other, and their friendship started to flourish from their first meeting. Mindy was admired with her dog’s lovely behavior, how she was kind and caring to Sophie, taking into consideration her difficult past. She was friendly to almost everyone, in particular to rabbit.

Grace was following Sophie everywhere she went, apparently, she found comfort in her. She was licking her friend all the time and was laying on her side on the sofa. This duo is so special and wonderful.

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