The orca got stuck among the rocks and was crying for hours so a group of strangers decided to save him

Caring for animals and protecting them is a noble cause. Alas, there are many indifferent people in the world.

But there are also those who protect wildlife.

This story is about a man who rescued an orca stuck on rocks. If not for the hero of this story, the animal would say goodbye to life.

So it happened on the shores of British Columbia. The orca really got stuck among the rocks, probably swimming in search of food before low tide. But alas… It got into trouble. Fortunately, the orca was noticed by a person who realized that it needed help.

The man called the rescue team. But before their arrival, several strangers also decided to help the needy animal. When the orca was sighted, it had already spent many hours on the rocks.

People came up with the idea to cover the whale with sheets and T-shirts. Then they doused him with water so that the animal’s body could keep moisture and cool. But something more was needed. Then people installed a water pump that allowed the whale to stay wet all the time.

And no one needed to walk back and forth with buckets of water. Before that, the unfortunate orca made plaintive sounds from fear and pain. It was terrible. But all’s well that ends well. The tide had begun, but it still wasn’t enough. Only after 8 hours, the wave increased so much that the orca was able to move and freed itself.

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