Max, the Miniature Schnauzer, lost for 2 years is reunited with his family just in time for Christmas

More than 2 years ago, the miniature schnauzer Max, who lived with his family in El Paso, Texas, ran through an open gate and got lost. They searched for the dog for many months, but it did not give any result.

Its owner, Yesenia Madrigal, was devastated. The woman and her husband phoned everyone they could and were looking for their pet everywhere. In the end, 5 years after the disappearance of the dog, the family moved to Omaha. However, Yesenia did not lose hope. Knowing that Max has a microchip, she updated her address with the American Dog Association. This helped the pet return to the family. About a month ago, Max was met by the caring Ismael Botello.

Oddly enough, it happened 5 minutes walk from the former home of Madrigal. A lonely dog ​​attracted the man’s attention, and he called the schnauzer to him, and he came up. Ismael went to a veterinary clinic to check if the animal had a microchip and scan it. So he found out the contact information of Max’s owners. The man called Yesenia to tell her the happy news. However, then a new problem arose – the spouses did not have the money to fly to Texas and take the dog to Omaha. Ismael has created an account on the GoFundMe website, where people can organize fundraising for various purposes.

But he was stopped when a stranger from Nebraska offered to pay in full for Max’s travel. The money, which Ismael had already managed to collect by that time, will go to the veterinary examination and the necessary procedures for Max. Yesenia’s husband flew to Texas to take the dog home. The family is incredibly happy about the return of their pet and calls this story a real Christmas miracle.

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