The couple’s rescue dog behaved strangely and led to a three-year-old girl lying balled up and totally naked in a ditch

The story of how a dog taken from a shelter rescued a little girl in Michigan became one of the most popular and discussed among Facebook users. Delta Animal Shelter says that in April, 2017, a dog named Petunia was brought to the shelter, which had two broken legs and ribs. The dog was taken care of and given a new name: Peanut.

His former owner was prosecuted for cruelty to the animal. Peanut got into a new family, from where the message came about how this dog saved the child. The letter says that around 11 am on March 20, Peanut “began to go crazy”: she ran up and down the stairs, barking and whining, begging to be released into the street. Once outside the door, the dog rushed into the field behind the house. The owner approached the place where Peanut had stopped and saw a naked girl, about three years old, who was curled up in a ball.

The man threw his sweater over the child and brought her home, then called 911. When the doctors and police arrived, the girl said only one word: “doggie”. Peanut’s owners believe that perhaps due to a difficult childhood, this dog has developed a “sixth sense”. According to the media, the girl’s life is currently out of danger, she feels good.

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