The adorable Corgi born with one eye and two noses was saved from euthanasia and now is living her best life defying the odds

Corgi Nekku was born with multiple pathologies – she was missing one eye, but she developed two noses and fusion of the vertebrae.

The veterinarians had a very bad prognosis about the future life of the dog, and they suggested to the breeder to euthanize the puppy, “so she wouldn’t suffer.” He thought about it and, deciding that no one would want to take the corgi anyway, he agreed. But an unexpected call from a stranger from Finland saved Nekku from death. After seeing a photo of a puppy on the Internet, Jarmo Korhonen immediately fell in love with her. He offered the breeder to take the dog to his house, where he already has two corgis – Niisku-Neiti and Karkki.

The owner of Nekku himself was not happy with the idea of ​​putting the pet down and answered with consent. Now the dog is living a life that one can only dream of. Outwardly, she is very different from other pets – due to genetic abnormalities, Nekku is more fluffy, and due to back problems, she walks very slowly. When the owner takes the corgi for a walk, he has to constantly make stops for the dog to rest. In addition, there are many passers-by who want to ask Jarmo about the reasons for the unusual appearance of his pet.

Even Nekku’s fellows are surprised by her appearance. “When she was still a puppy,” Jarmo recalls, “Niisku-Neichi often looked at her face for a long time. It was evident that she did not understand why her friend didn’t look like her.” Despite the fact that the breeder did not believe in the long life of the corgi, Nekku is still alive and well. However, Nekku has a problem with orientation in space, because of which she constantly beats her head.

So Jarmo decided to take the pet to his grandmother for permanent residence. But she sees Niisku-Neichi and Karkki regularly. In the new house, Nekku walks a lot in the yard and even steals gooseberries from the garden. Although she knows that this should not be done. “What a miracle that this funny, fluffy creature lives, despite all the predictions,” says Jarmo. “We all love her.”

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