Meet Chris Barnes, an Australian hero, who devoted his entire life to rescuing orphaned kangaroos in his homeland

Chris Barnes is the hero of the day in Australia. To his credit, there are more than 30 rescued kangaroos left without parental care.

Unfortunately, kangaroos are afraid of cars. They always rush about and get hit by them. And the cubs then wait for their parents and die of hunger. These are the ones Chris picks up and nurses. In 2005, Chris created his center in Alice Springs, where he brought live babies in bags. After years of making money by cleaning buses and installing floors, he managed to buy 90 acres of land and set up a private sanctuary there for recovering and growing pets.

Chris is called the Australian Crane. The BBC made a film about him called “Kangaroo Dundee”. The miniseries received international acclaim and many people’s love for Chris began to grow.

And Chris, as he was, remains a shy man, living with his “Joeys”, as he calls them. Nanny with them, wraps them in blankets, spoon-feeds. They run after him, considering him a real mother. He says he loves to sit on the front porch at sunset, sip a beer and watch his large kangoo family frolic on the lawn.

“This is life.” So simply and sweetly he evaluates his addiction. By the way, his hospital-shelter is the first of its kind veterinary clinic on a private area of ​​land. A good idea that others are already planning to repeat.

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