A dog behaved strangely because he felt that something was wrong and as a result he saved his 89-year-old neighbor’s life

On St. Patrick’s Day, Rob Jerry went for a walk with his Great Dane. When Mr. Jerry took the pet out of the house, the dog behaved as usual.

But when our heroes came to the forest edge, the dog, Sadie, showed signs of concern. The dog froze in place, growling menacingly and gazing intently into the blackening forest. Rob called the dog to him. But the pet ignored the command. Sadie stopped growling and was whining and tugging on the leash, wanting to move forward.

Suddenly, a strange sound came from the forest. It was like the cry of a wounded deer. Rob decided to follow the sound and help the animal in trouble. Sadie whined nervously, desperately pulling on the leash. Finally, our heroes found the one who called for help. Instead of a deer, Rob’s neighbor was laying in front of them. Albert, the neighbor, was 89 years old. Unfortunately, the old man fell, as a result of which he could not get up on his own.

An elderly man called for help, not really hoping that he would be heard. Albert was brought home. Rob was carrying him in his arms, and Sadie was trotting alongside. The old man’s wife called a doctor. It turned out that the forest air lover broke his thigh. Albert was urgently hospitalized, and his wife cried and thanked Sadie for saving her husband.

If not for the Great Dane, Albert could have died in this forest. The dog saved the old man’s life, and Rob promptly responded to the call for help. Now Rob and Sadie are local heroes, the story about them was told by Albert’s grandson. He posted the story on his Facebook page.

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