Meet Hansel, the first pit bull arson detection K-9 in the US, who was rescued from participating in dog fights

The puppy, named Hansel, was rescued from participating in dog fights. Now the dog is helping American firefighters fight fires and find arson.

Pitbull was 7 months old when he was rescued from the arena with his mother and sister Gretel. Hansel had not yet had to participate in dog fights, so he ended up in a shelter, and then in the Throw Away Dogs project. This charitable organization is dedicated to transforming stray dogs into real law enforcement officers. After months of training, dogs can detect drugs, explosives, and sniff out arson. The direction of their abilities depends on which unit they are being trained for.

Firefighter Tyler Van Leer asked for a service dog when Hansel was training. It was important for the man that the four-legged one had a professional sense of smell, which would help to look for the source of the arson before everything caught fire. Thus, Tyler had Hansel. Pitbull settled at his partner’s house and every morning they go to work.

The dog even has its own vest and badge. It is known that Hansel has already managed to help locate the source of the large fire and arrest the arsonist. He also found out where and how the fire started in the warehouse. Thanks to this, 4 people received the just punishment. The Pit Bull is sometimes even borrowed by firefighters from other states, if they need to unravel a particularly difficult case.

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