Her friends deceived her and left her alone in another country, not knowing what she would achieve.

Diligence and nobility always elevate a person. He can be in almost any country and situation, but he will definitely be able to get out of problems. All the coincidences of today’s history with real people and places are accidental, but they say that it really happened. Watch until the end, it will be interesting.

The story began more than 5 years ago in a remote Chinese province, from where Rowe had dreamed of escaping since childhood. She graduated from high school and was thinking about further studies when friends from the city offered her a wonderful idea. They invited her to try her luck in Russia with them.

The guys said that they would fly to Novosibirsk together, get a job and help each other. Rowe was very happy. She was an excellent cook and hoped that she would quickly find a job in a restaurant or cafe. True, the girl knew only a few Russian words, but she hoped that they were not too necessary in the kitchen.

However, the situation turned out very badly for her, it so happened that her friends left her without means of livelihood. They disappeared and didn’t pay for the hostel where they all lived together, and Rowe had to pay all his money for housing. She realized that she must definitely find a job.

For several days she walked the streets in her clothes that had lost their freshness. Sometimes the police stopped her, but when they saw her passport, they let her go. The girl no longer had any purpose, there was only one hope — for a miracle that would pull her out of this terrible situation.

By the fifth day of wandering, hunger had become quite unbearable. Rowe was just passing by a bakery where luxurious fresh buns, cakes and other «confectionery beauty» that she loved to cook and decorate at home were laid out in the window. The girl decided to go inside to feel her favorite flavors.

And maybe she’ll even be treated to something! A salesman in a stylish uniform appeared on the threshold. He looked at the girl frowningly and made a gesture clearly forbidding entry. He said that this is a branded confectionery and guest workers have no place here.

The girl frankly didn’t look important. Fortunately, Rowe didn’t understand his words. She only repeated in Russian: «bread», «eat». The visitors of the pastry shop did not hear the conversation, but clearly realized that the girl was trying to get inside. People started whispering among themselves.

Some felt sorry for her, others said that they should drink less so as not to beg later. The cashier felt sorry for the girl, who clearly asked to eat. He went up to the owner of the establishment on the second floor and explained the situation. He went down personally to assess what was happening and saw a thin, narrow-eyed girl, at whom his seller was «growling».

The owner personally collected several cakes and buns on a platter, added cookies to them and motioned for Rowe to follow him. In the office, he poured coffee and pushed it all to her. He didn’t know Chinese, she could only say a few words in Russian, so the conversation didn’t work out.

Realizing that something had happened, he handed her several large bills and his business card. The man hoped that the girl would get where she needed to go. Rowe actually got to the hotel, washed, washed and dried her things. She called her parents and assured them that everything was fine.

After that, she decided that she would definitely solve all the problems, and would also help people. A couple of days later she was lucky and found a job in an oriental restaurant. 3 years have passed since then. A very drunk man was trudging along the evening street of Novosibirsk.

His clothes were untidy. Suddenly, unexpectedly, a young guy pushed him to the ground and began to rummage through the pockets of the unfortunate. From a passing car, the girl driver tried to drive away the crook with words, but to no avail. Then she got out of the car and saw a man sitting on the asphalt, as she herself had 3 years ago.

Rowe approached and was stunned. She could not believe that this was the same man who brought her back to normal life then, his name was Alexey. She took out his business card, which she had kept all these years, and held it up to his eyes.

The man admitted that once it really «was him.» The girl was glad that she had found him. After she got to her feet, she unsuccessfully tried to find her savior, but the pastry shop was closed, and the phone was not available. Alexey told Rowe what happened. When his wife died, he could not recover from the anguish.

I started drinking. I lost everything very quickly. Now he worked as a janitor, and there was hardly enough money to rent a room and alcohol. Rowe strongly demanded to go with her to the car. The next day she reminded him how he saved her, told him how she was able to get a job, saved every ruble and stubbornly studied Russian.

Now she has her own small bakery-confectionery, where she bakes a lot of «goodies» according to her recipes. Rowe insisted on helping Alexey! A few months later, the man regained interest in life. The nobility, kindness, hard work and perseverance of the girl had an amazing effect on Alexey.

He realized that he was coming to life, and fell in love again! And Rowe reciprocated, and they got married. The girl who once asked for food in his pastry shop, a few years later she herself extended a helping hand to the savior and pulled him out of the quagmire of grief and alcoholic oblivion, but most importantly she became his family. Compassion has always been a distinctive quality of a spiritually strong person. No one knows how life will turn out in a month, a year or two. The one who asks for mercy today will be able to give it himself tomorrow.

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