They bullied the homeless man until he taught them an important lesson

The honesty and decency of a person is not always determined by his social status. It is especially important for modern youth to understand this. It happens that the poorest person can teach them life better than famous professors. This story happened in one of the cities of the USA. Oliver and Stephen decided to walk after classes at the university.

I wanted to stretch. In addition, Stephen said that he definitely needed to go to the pizzeria and tell Oliver something on the way. When the two guys went down the street, a friend «rattled» incessantly. He told Oliver that finally, after another party, he got so close to his next girlfriend that she said yes to him. Stephen ranted about how irresistible he was and how everything turned out great with Miranda.

Oliver reminded his friend who had given him good advice, which worked, and patted Stephen approvingly on the shoulder. He complained that he had to go for pizza, because Miranda threatened not to accept him without treats. And it’s much more interesting to watch football on TV with her! At this time, the guys passed by a beggar lying on a cardboard box under a tree.

An unpleasant smell hit Oliver in the nose. Stephen was disgusted by his appearance and the huge head of dirty, matted hair. Young people have become sophisticated in humiliations, and who would have thought that it was from this beggar that they would receive their important life lesson!

They talked about how disgusting he was and spoiling the view of a wonderful city, called him a robber with an innocent face and a slacker. Steven even threw a small pebble at him a couple of times, trying to get him to get up and go where no one would see him. Finally they got tired of it, and the guys moved on. Steven asked Oliver for $5 for pizza.

He knew that he had the last money for today, but it was inconvenient to refuse a friend, and he took out his wallet. A friend promised that he would return 2 times more. It was hard to believe, but I didn’t want to be known as a «cheapskate» either. Stephen thanked him and put the wallet with the dollars in the back pocket of his trousers.

At this moment, the beggar, who was completely forgotten by the young people, was «dining» from the trash can, where he found the remains of buns. He looked after the guys who had almost disappeared around the corner and suddenly saw a purse on the path where they were passing. Instead of a pocket, Stephen put it by and they both didn’t notice it.

The beggar looked at the contents, saw $5 and documents. He realized that the man had lost very important things and, possibly, the last money. Limping, he rushed after the guys, but quickly realized that he could not catch up with them. Then the man sat down in his seat, holding the purse in his hands.

He hoped that the guys would discover the loss and go back. And so it happened. The beggar saw young people wandering back. Their faces were distressed. The guys carefully examined the curb, hoping to see the wallet. The man shouted to them and waved his hand with a purse.

Stephen was shocked when he found all the documents and even the money in place. He asked the beggar not to go anywhere. After that, he pulled Oliver with him. After a while, the guys shouted again: «We’ll be right back!». The homeless man settled back on his old cardboard box. After a couple of minutes, the young people really returned. Stephen was holding a pizza box.

He said, «Oliver shared the last of his money with me, and I was going to use it to buy a pizza for my girlfriend. But I will gladly give it to you in order to somehow repay your honesty and generosity.» The guys apologized for their rudeness and said that if the man didn’t mind, they would have pizza with him. When the homeless man in torn clothes agreed, the guys sat down next to him and opened the box.

Everyone took a slice of pizza and began to eat. There was a sincere «friendly» conversation… Most members of society are on the social ladder above the poor and homeless. But life, sometimes, inexplicably changes their places. You should never humiliate people who live worse than you. After all, they can teach us the lesson of humanity that is so necessary in a well-fed and prosperous consumer society.

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