The twins have different skin colors — people accused the mother of lying, but the truth surprised many

Humanity has long since emerged from the days of slavery, when people with a certain skin color were considered the masters of the world, and others their servants. Interracial and interethnic marriages are concluded. And sometimes there are amazing cases that push people into a variety of thoughts. In the city of Birmingham, where the old English way of life prevails, an unusual Biggs family lives.

In 2018, they became known all over the world. But they were not famous for the fact that a white-skinned Englishwoman married a man with Jamaican roots. They were made famous by their beautiful daughters. They were born in 2006 and at first did not stand out among other kids. From 10 months, unexpected changes began to occur. Millie’s fingertips began to darken, then her ears and the rest of her body.

Marcia, on the contrary, gradually became lighter. The interracial couple was not bothered by the color of their skin, but they were worried about how other people would perceive them. Indeed, at first the mother was even accused of lying when she told teachers at school that the girls were twins. But the truth surprised many.

Non-identical twins are obtained as a result of simultaneous fertilization of two eggs by two different spermatozoa. Embryos are born with DNA that is only 50% similar to each other. For girls, each twin took the basis from only one parent: Marcia from her mother, Millie from her father. This change, called atavism, is so rare that, according to scientists, it occurs only in one pair of twins out of a million.

After the examination, the parents calmed down, because they were completely convinced that the external differences of the twins would not affect their health in any way. Sister Marcia has fair skin, expressive blue eyes and blonde hair. Millie is slightly taller, with chocolate skin, brown eyes and black hair. Girls, too, few people believe when they call themselves twin sisters.

Optimistic sisters get along well with each other, love to sing and dance. They differ only slightly in their characters and clothing preferences. Millie is calmer and more reasonable. Marcia is more of a tomboy who is very fond of gymnastics. The dark-haired sister prefers pink and other bright colors in clothes, the blonde loves blue shades.

Dad jokes that he sees the main unifying factor of the two daughters — the nose inherited from him. In 2018, the magazine «National Geographic» posted photos of two twins on the cover of the publication and told about their family. The publishers were surprised and delighted by their story.

And the girls, using their uniqueness, tried to help fight racism on an international scale. Parents feel relieved that people react to their daughters more with curiosity than with prejudice. They are proud of the sisters’ friendliness. A wonderful idea was expressed by their father Michael, noting that his daughters do not see the world in black and white.

In the XXI century, racial and national prejudices must be completely eradicated. It is too shameful for a prosperous humanity to evaluate a person by the color of his skin. Nature itself is helping us and admonishing us!

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