The soil near the house collapses and something really amazing opens up

Most people believe that the most amazing events can only be «twisted» by directors in popular blockbusters or TV series. In fact, facts can be revealed in life that amaze not only individuals, but also entire cities. The American entertainment company Netflix has filmed a series in Germany with elements of science fiction — «Darkness».

It is also very popular in the USA. In the fictional town of Winden, there are caves that no one dares to enter, because they are a temporary hole that can transfer to any era. And who would have thought that in the town of Black Hawk, South Dakota, there would be a find that made the locals shudder and wonder if the scriptwriter of the famous series wrote events from real places?

At the end of April 2020, in the area of sudden flooding, the earth went «waves», in which 12 houses were damaged. At some distance from them were the old mines. Fearing that the earth would collapse into a giant sinkhole, the city’s leadership evacuated residents. Fortunately, there were no casualties. But next to one of the houses, the soil collapses and something really amazing opens up – a funnel resembling the entrance to a cave.

A group of professionals from the division of the National Speleological Society, which preserves caves all over the world, took up the study of the failure. At first they thought it was just one of the next objects of their studies. After looking in more detail, the experts were convinced that everything is much more complicated.

The passages were similar to specially created grottoes. The space was striking in its size — almost 200 m in length with a width of almost nineteen to 46 m. the ceiling is almost flat, which is unusual for caves. The columns that clearly supported the vault were also interesting. The exact dimensions of the space are not known to specialists until now, because they did not dare to move into the dark part, fearing for their safety.

Speleologists have determined that the cave consists of gypsum, which is a beautiful, but very dangerous material. The walls and the vault at the slightest serious impact can collapse on the head. The funnel is no less dangerous for those who live above it. For these residents, the threat of sinking into the ground along with the houses is real.

The cave impressed the experienced cavers extraordinarily! The head of the unit, Adam Weaver, called her mysterious. Never before during such descents have they found the remains of the forest, garbage and even… an old car! Researchers are at a loss to guess where all this could have come from underground?

After all, the exposed space is not marked on any map as a cave or a mine. Who knows where the residents of Black Hawk will fall if they fall into a strange cave – a few meters down or at another time? After all, many fans of the series «Darkness» are sure that the caves described in the script really exist.

What if they are in South Dakota! An amazing find, isn’t it?. After all, strange things somehow got underground, for example, I was impressed by the car, write what you think about it.

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