They took a dog from the shelter who didn’t have his own yard and gave him a real surprise!

Animals abandoned by heartless people, at best, end up in shelters, where they get a small chance to find a new home and a loving heart of the owner. There is practically no such hope for age-old dogs. Without the love and kindness of the owner, they die quickly, burdened with longing and emerging diseases. A remarkable exception to the general trend was the story of the bloodhound Bentley and his happy acquaintance with the future owner — Kattara Taylor.

The initial communication was not easy. Bentley suffered a huge psychological trauma when he was betrayed by his first owners. Then three more families tried to take him from the shelter, but they returned him back. Broken by the first betrayal, the Bloodhound became increasingly restless and distrustful. With each new return to the shelter, he became worse not only psychologically, but also physically. Seeing an aged animal with an extinct look, Taylor was filled with extraordinary pity.

She decided that she would definitely take it for herself. Shelter staff warned that the dog suffers from anxiety disorders and is not too friendly, but the woman was adamant. Kattara did not hesitate to take the pet to her studio apartment. Establishing a relationship was not easy, but love and care did their job. The Bentley began to thaw. They spent time going to the vet, but it was not in vain. The only thing that upset – Kattara clearly saw that the pet weighing under 50kg does not have enough space in the apartment.

His personal space was just a small round rug, and this despite the fact that the animal wanted activity and fresh air. Taylor tried to rent a bigger apartment, but no one wanted to take her with a large enough animal. She did not give up, but decided to make the pet’s life happy, no matter what! Kattara sold the apartment and bought a house in a small townhouse. Its main advantage was in a small courtyard surrounded by a fence, inaccessible to the dog’s jump.

But the whole space was concreted. To turn it into a happy yard for a pet, it was necessary to thoroughly try. The woman noticed that when walking Bentley loved to lie on the grass. She decided to give him this opportunity at home. Kattara had a friend, Nick. After 12 years of service in the army, he retired due to disability. But despite this, the guy was in good physical shape and volunteered to help. He brought tools and a wheelbarrow.

Manually completely removed the concrete layer to the ground in the designated part of the courtyard and took it to the landfill. It took a whole day. After that, Kattara and Nick ordered several bags of lawn soil. On the site cleared of concrete, the man carefully laid out lawn rolls. He placed a small table on the rest of the courtyard. Kattara pulled out two bowls–for food and water. Nick put the tools aside and everything was ready for Bentley’s surprise. All the landscaping cost $ 400.

The woman took the Bentley out into her own courtyard. The dog sniffed, then went towards the greenery and stretched out on it at full length. Inhaling the lively smell of grass, she frankly fell asleep, finally finding joy and peace in life. For the whole day, Bentley moved from place to place, sitting on the grass in different poses. One thing was clear for sure – the dog categorically did not want to go into the house! Kattara was grateful to Nick for his help, and he rejoiced with her.

Taylor told about her story on her social media page and received a lot of positive responses from people who love animals. An animal that has experienced a lot of betrayal and deprivation in life has finally found its home, now Bentley has his own lawn, a faithful mistress, and he is extremely happy. People like Kattara are amazing, and their desire to make the life of their four-legged friends better is worthy only of respect.

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