He humiliated her for being a cleaner. But years later, he was amazed to see who she had become

Years change people significantly. And a lot of envy depends on what a person aspires to. It often happens that the humiliated rises, and the one who imagines himself to be a «king» falls down. A young eighteen-year-old girl came to the hospital of one of the cities in the eastern part of Russia as a cleaner. She was very modest and silent. This is where the love story began, which remained in her heart for the rest of her life.

The first day began with cleaning in the emergency room. And it must happen that it was on this day that a visiting doctor from Novosibirsk conducted his appointment. A young handsome man after college, he decided to gain practice and went to the outskirts of the country. Seeing him, Anya was almost speechless. The guy noticed that he made a stunning impression and smiled at the girl.

-Are you new here? — Yes, today is my first day! Anya answered. The young people met, and Sergey spoke mostly, and the girl only answered confusedly. Anya fell in love without looking back. One day, when there was no one else in the office, the handsome man took her by the hand and called her the most beautiful girl in the hospital. Anya was happy.

When the doctor invited her to spend the evening in a restaurant, she immediately agreed. In the evening they went to a luxury restaurant in a nearby town. There they danced to beautiful music, then climbed to the observation deck high above the city. Sergey gently kissed Anna and offered to meet. The girl seemed to be floating above the ground herself with happiness, but she was slightly upset by the words of her beloved.

He wanted their relationship to remain secret to avoid problems at work. Anya was upset in her heart, but she was afraid of losing a dear person and agreed. The next day, while cleaning his office, Sergey hugged Anya and gave her a box of chocolates. The girl realized that she was not indifferent to the young handsome man. At lunch, Alexei, an orderly, sat down next to Anya in the dining room.

He invited the girl to the cinema, but she excused herself by saying that she was very tired by the evening. It seemed a betrayal to her to go to the cinema with someone else. At this time, suddenly my beloved came into the dining room, but he was with a female surgeon. They smiled at each other and laughed merrily. Sergei walked next to Anya, but did not even turn his head in her direction.

Anya was terribly upset and cried for a long time in the back room, not understanding why he did this. After work, a block away from the hospital, the girl saw Sergei in the car. He was waiting to take her home. She began to reproach her beloved for not even greeting her at the hospital. Sergey said that he has been friends with Irina Ivanovna for many years and is going to continue to meet occasionally.

«I warned you right away that we would keep our distance in the hospital. «If it suits you, we will continue to meet, if not, we will break up right now,» the young man told Anya. The girl did not dare to break up with her beloved. Gradually, she began a friendly relationship with the orderly Alexei. He pushed Anya to study. Sergei was jealous. But when Alexey asked him about it directly, he said: «What kind of jealousy can there be?

We are on different levels with her. She’s a cleaner, and I’m a respected doctor.» Sergey didn’t know that Anya was coming into the office at that moment and heard everything. In the evening she went home by taxi, and when the doctor came to her at night, Anya did not open the door for the first time. The next day, something happened that broke Anna’s heart completely.

Sergey proposed to a female surgeon in the dining room in the presence of the entire team, and she agreed. Everyone congratulated them. Anya managed to hold back tears, but realized how cruelly she was mistaken in a person. Years have passed. Anya and Alexey studied to be doctors. They returned to their city and became highly respected doctors. The chief doctor of the hospital was going to retire and was looking for a replacement.

He saw a strong professional in Ana and chose her as his successor. Some envied her progress, but now Anna Vladimirovna was very successfully managing a new large hospital. She was even able to open a medical faculty at the clinic. In order to find specialists for teaching, she announced a competition. There was a surprise waiting for her at one of the interviews.

Sergey was the first to enter the office. Anya’s soul collapsed in her heels, but she pulled herself together. The former lover said that he was divorced because he had always loved only Anya. She smiled, but said nothing. Sergey passed the interview and was sure that Anya still loves him. The man decided to go all-in. When the gala evening dedicated to the opening of the faculty began, he went to the center of the hall and asked for a microphone.

Sergey said that for many years he loved only Anna Vladimirovna and proposed to her. Anya laughed and replied: «When my heart was yours, you broke it because I was just a cleaner. And you wanted to be with a doctor of your level. And I’m not going to blame you. After all, now I also don’t want to be with someone who is lower than me.

In a month I’m getting married to the owner of the new medical center, Dr. Alexey Ivanovich. When I worked here as a cleaner, he held the position of a simple orderly.» Sergei blushed and rushed out of the hall. He realized that he would never come here to work again. You should not rise above others, bragging about your education and position in society.

Fate may turn so that the arrogant chatterbox will regret it very much. On the contrary, respect for others will certainly return happiness to the person himself. I have everything you think about this story?

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