Her child was denied a plate of food, but here’s what happened in the end…

There are trials in every person’s life. But do not despair, even if it’s really bad, because help can come from the most unexpected side, that’s what our story today is about. There was a private kindergarten on one of the greenest streets of Delhi. The children of rich Indians used to come here. A beautiful building, new furniture, wonderful toys, a private pool, healthy food – everything was at the service of the kids.

One of the influential people of the city’s grandson went to kindergarten, and he decided to create a society of the same smart kids for the baby. An excellent «fresh» building was built and completed. Employees were taken young and pretty, with appropriate education. They had to carefully monitor the children, engage in their education and physical development. The groups were small, so it was easy to work.

Avanti got into kindergarten on the recommendation. Her mother sewed a luxurious, unusual dress for the wife of a shopkeeper. And in gratitude, through her friends, she arranged a seamstress’s daughter in a solid kindergarten with an excellent salary. Avanti’s son went to high school, which was two blocks from the kindergarten. The woman decided that after school he would be able to come to her to eat, and then together they would go home.

So the boy will be supervised, and grandma will not have to follow him to school. A week has passed at a new place of work. The woman saw that the young teachers were looking at her with surprise, thinking how a lady much older than them and without proper education got into an elite kindergarten. Even an employee of a small canteen grimaced when a woman gave Rajan her portion of food after school.

One day a girl made a direct remark: «Listen, Avanti, you know that the children of workers are forbidden to eat with those who go to this kindergarten! Why are you bringing your son?». The woman explained that she gives her portion to the child, and he does not play with rich children, but only eats with them in the same dining room. The kitchen employee shrugged and said nothing. At this time, the director entered the dining room.

Shakti came up to him from the kitchen. He began to ask who is the boy who eats in their kindergarten with a school briefcase? The girl opened her eyes and sighed and complained that she could not wean one of the teachers to feed her son with the children of respected people. The director, a young guy, was angry. He felt the importance of his position and categorically did not want any commoners to feed in his kindergarten.

The boss demanded that the teacher immediately take her son out of the kindergarten and continue to feed outside of it! She tried to say something, but the boss threatened to drag her son out of the gate personally. After that, she took the boy outside and firmly ordered him to wait for her to go home together. The next day, Avanti did not dare to bring Rajan to the dining room. She took a bowl of soup out of the gate and sat down with her son, waiting for him to eat.

The woman stroked the baby on the head and explained that the children of very rich parents come to the kindergarten, so they are not allowed to eat with them. When she got up to take the bowl away, she was horrified to see the director approach them. He was furious that some teacher dared to disobey him and dragged her boy to a decent place again.

Avanti tried to say that she was feeding her son outside the gate, but the boss got even more excited. He shouted, waved his arms and said that she could no longer come to work! At this time, a luxury car stopped at the gate of the kindergarten. An elderly, well-dressed man got out of it and headed towards the screaming boss. Seeing the man, the boss changed his face and began to complain in an indignant voice that a simple teacher was feeding her son soup in the same dining room as the best children of the best parents.

Avanti explained that she only gives her portion of food to her son, and does not allow him to play with the children, he is waiting for her here, outside the gate. After a pause, the man replied: «It turns out that your child is denied a plate of food, even though the baby is hungry and you work here? It’s a real shame. You can bring your son to feed at any time.»

Then he turned to the manager, frowned and said harshly: «From tomorrow you don’t work here! People like you will not be able to teach children something good. I’ll look for a more humane boss for my kindergarten. Here, maybe I’ll even take her.» He pointed to Avanti, patted her son on the head and went inside.

The woman and the former director were left in a daze. The boy looked at his smiling mother and realized that something good had happened. His soul became light. It is not necessary to humiliate someone who is lower in social status or education. If you offer help to someone in need, life will definitely repay you in the same way.

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