He was going to leave his mother in a nursing home, but he could not imagine what would happen

Fate often puts a person before a choice. And his whole future life will depend on which way he turns. The story I am going to tell now does not relate to a specific case, but the problem raised in it concerned many people. Alexander came home in a great mood. His beautiful wife and mother were waiting for him, who, as usual, was humming something in her room. The man kissed his mother and sat down at the table to have dinner.

The wife was clearly in a bad mood. She rattled the frying pan, then put down the glass of tea with a bang, almost spilling it on her husband’s lap. Alexander asked what happened this time? In response, a whole stream of accusations poured in. Elena said that she could no longer see his mother, who was watching her every step. The spouse accused the mother-in-law that she constantly walks with a sour face and has a bad effect on her granddaughter, constantly finding fault with her.

At the end, she shouted: «Choose, mother’s love or wife’s! We will not live in the same apartment anymore. The daughter is forced to live in the same room with her grandmother, and you don’t care.» Alexander silently went into the room, and sat all evening without talking. At night, his wife turned her back on him. The next morning she asked what her husband had decided? The woman threw an address on the table in front of him with the words: «Here’s a good place where your mother will have a company of bores like her.»

The man thought about it and did not know what to do. So he did not communicate with his wife for several days, but after much thought, he made a decision. One day he went into his mother’s room and began to pack her things into a large bag. She asked where he wanted to take her? «To where you’re better off, Mom.» «But I’m better off where you are.» Said the mother. — I’ll be coming. Alexander answered, the mother noticed the frustration in her son’s face and decided not to ask anything more.

She herself began to take her clothes out of the closet and put them in a bag. Then they went to the car together. At the last moment, the mother, looking at the gloomy sky, put another jacket in the bag for her son. If it suddenly rains, it will not be cold for him to get out of the car in it. They drove for more than an hour. Finally, the nursing home appeared. The son drove through the central gate and pulled up to the reception building.

They got out of the car, the man took a bag out of the trunk. The woman took it and got ready to go. At this time, the rain began to fall, and the wind blew. The mother remembered that she had not pulled out a jacket for her son from her bag. How can he be in one T-shirt in such terrible weather! She quickly pulled out her jacket and shouted to her son. — Son, wait. — What, Mom? She ran up to the man and handed him a jacket.

«Sashenka took you a jacket just in case. Please put it on now. Otherwise, you might get blown away. I love you. Come. I will always be waiting for you!» the elderly woman said and went to the building. The man stood stunned by pain and his own meanness. In his memory, pictures surfaced of how his mother always took a jacket for a walk when he was both 5 and 10 years old. How she ran down the street in her slippers when she found out that he was hit by a car.

How I sat by his bed in the hospital for days when a simple hernia removal operation went with complications. He remembered how her father had scolded her right in the hospital that she had abandoned her husband. And then he just left. Memories flashed by one after another, more and more «nailing» him to the ground. «My God! What am I doing! Will there ever be forgiveness for me for today!» the man thought, rushing after his mother.

-Mom, wait! — What, son? He grabbed her bag and dragged her towards the car at a furious pace. «You will never leave me, Mom! He shouted, shoving the bag into the trunk with trembling hands. — Let’s go home!». At home, the spouse was shocked to see the hated mother-in-law again. He and his daughter were drinking tea in the kitchen. Alexander went with his mother to her room, helped her put her things back in place and went out into the kitchen.

-Elena, you have a day to pack your things and go to your mother. I’m filing for divorce. I will never become a scoundrel and will not betray the mother who gave me life and raised me! You gave me a choice. I made it. Daughter, you’re already 15. You can leave with your mother, but I’ll be glad if you stay with me. The girl was in shock, but realizing what was happening, she replied: — Dad! I, like you, will not leave my mother. Although she was wrong. But I will definitely come to you with my grandmother. I love you very much!

Alexander was going to leave his mother in a nursing home, but he could not imagine that from the moment of making the main decision in his life, everything would go differently. He has created a new family in which his young wife considers his mother to be her second mother. The daughter from the first marriage treats her father with respect. She knows that Dad will stay in her life forever. That’s all friends, what do you think about this story? Write your opinion in the comments.

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