The child was humiliated for selling flowers. But they didn’t expect what would happen.

Hello friends, you are on the justfun channel. If a person is overtaken by life’s trials, do not despair. In fact, they can change everything in a positive way. A boy was walking along the path of a blooming London park. He was poorly but cleanly dressed. There were no sandals on his feet. But in his hands he held a beautiful wicker basket, from which stems with luxurious rosebuds of different colors and shades peeked out.

He was looking at the surrounding space, hoping to find future buyers for his flowers in gazebos or on benches. At the same time, he was afraid of the park guards. One of them took all the flowers from him yesterday and put them out of the gate almost with kicks. On the nearest bench, the boy noticed an elegant man reading a book. There was an expensive briefcase nearby.

«Perhaps he is waiting for a girl and will buy a rose from me or even a few!» the boy thought, coming closer. He offered flowers to the man, but he looked at him with indignation. «You first wash your feet, put on shoes and a decent shirt. In general, it is forbidden for merchants to go here! Get out!» he yelled. The boy wanted to say something else, but at that moment he heard a voice behind him, from which he immediately pulled his head into his shoulders.

«Ragamuffin! Is it you again?!» — yesterday’s guard shouted. After that, he took the kid by the collar and dragged him towards the exit from the park. At the same time, he threw the flowers right on the lawn. A gorgeous young beauty with a long mane of hair up to her waist, in rich clothes, was walking towards them. The guard smiled, and the boy heard a man jump up from the bench from behind.

«Florinda, I’ve been waiting for you so much!» he shouted to the beauty. But the girl’s expression was by no means friendly. She angrily told her friend that he did not stand up for the poor child, and sent him to hell. After that, she attacked the park guard and demanded to immediately give her the child. Otherwise, she threatened to complain to the management of the park complex.

The guard, grumbling, released the boy and retreated. Two adult men humiliated the boy for selling flowers, but they did not expect such pressure from the girl. The boy looked at the beauty with all his eyes. She seemed to him a kind and beautiful fairy from a fairy tale. The girl helped the boy to collect flowers and put them in a basket. Then she took my hand and led me out of the park. She found out that the boy’s name is Bao, he is 10 years old, and he lives with his grandmother on the outskirts of London in a small house.

Grandma does not go outside the kindergarten, she taught him how to take care of roses. Now he sells flowers, his grandmother adds a pension and lives on this money. He explained that he studies in the morning, and after lunch he goes outside with flowers. — How much does one branch of your beautiful roses cost? The girl asked. — 1 pound. — Here’s 30 pounds for you and I’m taking all the roses! — But there are fewer of them! — It’s okay.

I decided to buy myself roses. The boy was shocked, tears came out of his eyes. The girl asked why the boy walks without shoes? He replied that he was saving his only old pair of shoes for school and went barefoot after lunch. The girl thought for a while, then pulled the boy to one of the central streets. They entered a children’s clothing store, where the beauty bought him a beautiful T-shirt and luxurious, branded sneakers.

When the girl asked if he liked what was being offered, he only nodded his head in the affirmative, unable to utter a word from delight. The saleswoman looked at the amazing beauty and admired her bright soul and kind heart. She said it frankly. The girl replied that at one time she was also standing on the street, only selling dresses that her grandmother sewed. Her parents abandoned her almost immediately after birth. And now she works at the Alexander McQueen modeling house.

«Then there was a person who gave me a helping hand. Now I have such an opportunity and I am glad to use it!» the girl said and took out a card for payment. When they left the store, the beauty stopped the boy and lightly shook him by the shoulders. «You don’t know me, but listen to what I’m going to tell you. You must have a dream! — Yes, I want to become a doctor. Said the boy.

-Be sure to go to your dream. Learn and achieve. Even if you are told no a thousand times, still achieve the goal. The boy stared at her with wide-open eyes. He felt that he would remember these words forever. The greatness of people is measured not by financial capabilities or external gloss, but by the nobility of hearts capable of sympathy and sincere help. That’s all friends, share this story with friends and family.

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