A woman scolds a child for selling sweets, but suddenly a stranger appears…

It is not necessary to condemn a person when he decides on unexpected actions for society. Perhaps his family is not living too well, and he is trying to earn as much as he can without hurting anyone. In Rowland Heights, California, visitors entering the Target store witnessed an incident that outraged many to the core and at the same time pleased them.

There was a teenage girl standing at the entrance, an African-American girl who looked like a boy. Her clothes were very modest. On the asphalt in front of the girl lay a box in which there were open packs of sweets. She sold them piece by piece, trying to make some money on the difference in the price of a pack and retail.

People were calmly passing by, some were buying candy, clearly trying to help the girl. What happened next was filmed on the camera of her mobile phone by a random witness, Andy Lizarraga, who was also leaving the store. She was attracted by the loud voice of an elderly lady who was asking questions to a teenager with obvious aggression. The woman asked who allowed the girl to stand here?

Did she get permission and where did she get the candy from? The girl defended herself as best she could. She said she just wanted to earn some money for her family. The elderly woman did not back down. She said that she would immediately call the police and the girl would be taken to prison for illegal trade.

The girl was close to despair and was already crying out loud. The woman continued to scold the teenager for selling sweets. At that moment, a respectable stranger came out of the store. He became interested in what was happening, listened to the conversation in silence for a while. As it later became known, his name was Jay Lopez. He tried to calm the girl down and advised the woman to do her own business more than others’.

But it was useless. In order not to continue pointless arguments with an elderly man, the man asked the teenager how much all her sweets would cost? She estimated the sweets at $80. The man asked her not to go anywhere. After that, he returned to the store, apparently withdrew money from the ATM and bought all the sweets. Not intending to hide everything and take it home, the man walked around the store for a while until he distributed all the sweets to people passing by.

Andy didn’t have enough footage to capture the case completely, the video ends at the moment when Lopez re-enters the store. But there were a lot of witnesses who happily confirmed that everything was like that. Lopez told the media that he had seen the girl’s brother earlier at the same place with sweets. A man does not know why teenagers need money.

But he hopes that the children are trying to help their poor parents earn money. Some people evaluate this as the humiliation of a black girl by a white woman, but do not think so unequivocally. Most likely, this is a feature of the character of a person who does not know how to sympathize with others.

Lizarraga wrote that she was contacted by the daughter of an elderly American woman to have the video removed from the Internet. But Andy is more interested in the fate of the girl, which was described in the plot. Excessive severity and pickiness do not adorn a person at any age. Especially if it is addressed to ordinary people. You should not get into stories for which you and your family will be ashamed.

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