The girls went to the forest in the morning, and then traded on the street to buy this gift to their grandfather…

Today I will tell a very amazing story, its characters are invented, but the case itself is probably based on similar events. It will be interesting. Enjoy your viewing. In a small Ural village, two girls came out of the forest. The eldest was about 12 years old, the youngest was no more than five. Their names were Nastya and Arina. The eldest, Nastya, carried two three-liter cans of strawberries. Both girls were terribly tired. It was only 12 o’clock in the afternoon, but they had already finished packing.

Sneaking slowly into the house, the sisters saw that grandpa was sleeping and began to eat. They appeared here with their mother almost a year ago. A woman with two daughters was left without an apartment. Fearing to lose her children, she decided to move to her father in the village. He had an old house, which was heated with firewood, and a small bathhouse. When the father found out how his daughter was deceived, his legs refused from the experience.

Now, when the woman went to work in the city, he had to stay alone. The older girl took her sister to kindergarten in the village and also went to the city, to her old school. Grandpa gradually learned to move around the house on all fours. In the summer it was easier — Nastya was on vacation and helped the old man in everything. And then a terrible thing happened 3 months ago. Mom, as usual, went to work, but did not come back.

The old man was tormented by terrible thoughts, but he could not leave the house even before the head of the village. And he was afraid to send girls. «Nastasia, don’t tell anyone that there is no mother, otherwise they will take you away from me.

And they told Arinka that her mother had gone on a business trip. At the beginning of summer, Nastya saw that a new store had opened in the city next to the bus station. Having examined one of the goods through the window, she decided to go in.

It was something she had long dreamed of for her grandfather. Looking at the price, Nastya realized that they would be able to earn this amount over the summer. «Near the forest, berries, mushrooms. We will collect and sell with Arina,» the girl decided– «we will save up.» Elated, she came home and quietly told her sister everything. After all, Grandpa’s birthday is coming soon! They agreed that they would surprise him. The girls were picking berries and mushrooms in the forest. Then they had lunch and drove to the city.

There they traded right on the street, sometimes offered berries to offices. Did you take berries from two little girls with pleasure? and by 6 pm, they would definitely return home. The girls were very tired, but early in the morning they went back to the forest. Grandpa asked where they go so early, then they leave for the city. Nastya had to go for a little deception. She said that they were seriously engaged in sports. Grandfather already shed tears.

The girl consoled herself with the fact that it was almost true. They walked for several kilometers through the forest, then through the city. It was a very tangible burden. Arina cried a lot in the first days. Then Nastya asked if the baby wanted to make such a gift to her grandfather? After that, the tears stopped, and the younger sister meekly gathered in the forest. Things were going so well that the girls had time to buy a gift even before their grandfather’s birthday.

Nastya decided that they would hide the purchase in a shed next to the bathhouse and give it to her on the right day. When they put money in front of the seller and pointed out their choice, the sales guy was shocked. Arinka blurted out: «This is for Grandpa, for his birthday! We earned it ourselves.» The young man looked at the two girls and asked where they would take the gift. When he heard that it was out of town, he asked the girls to wait and started dialing on the phone.

After that, he called somewhere else. A small van drove up and the gift was loaded inside. He explained to the girls that they would be taken home and absolutely free of charge. The guy was so surprised by the girls’ act. At the gate, the driver pulled out their gift, as adults, shook both hands and drove away. With all precautions, the girls dragged the gift into the barn. It was Grandpa’s birthday 5 days later. In the morning Nastya woke up with the anticipation of some kind of joy.

She called Arinka and the two of them put the gift closer to the porch. After that, they asked Grandpa to crawl out onto the steps. Nastya hugged him and said: «There is our gift, Arina and I sold berries, mushrooms and earned.» Ivan Stepanovich crawled out onto the porch on all fours. There was… a wheelchair right in front of the steps! «Now you can go outside with us,» the girls shouted. The old man began to cry and hugged both granddaughters.

At that moment, the gate creaked. Everyone turned in that direction. Mom was coming through the gate! The old man climbed onto the stroller and rolled towards his daughter. And the girls couldn’t believe their eyes that Mom was back. However, this is a completely different story……

The desire of children to please their loved ones always amazes and delights, adults are far from such sincerity, but once we were all like that. This is all friends, share this story with friends and family, and also write your opinion in the comments.

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