Driving by car, the driver saw this… It was necessary to act immediately!

The living of people with wild animals in the same territory sometimes becomes so cramped that unthinkable stories occur that cannot be believed if they are not confirmed by facts. A group of workers in Greece was returning to the base at the end of the working day in a company van. The path ran through mountainous terrain past the small village of Sukorio.

At that moment, the driver saw something that just «blew up» his brain. At first he thought it was hallucinations at the wheel and stopped the car in fright. When the driver realized the reality of what was happening– he decided that he needed to act immediately and connected his companions to work.

There was a small car with a body in front and two men were waving their hands, hoping for help. The thing is that a long ladder was fixed on the roof of the van, which is often required by the work crew. It obviously could help. To the right of the road at a height of just over 6 meters, a goat was hanging on electric wires!

From time to time he moved his legs and tried to free himself, but only began to swing in the air. The men stretched the iron ladder to its full length, trying to reach the animal. But they had nothing to fix it on. Then a new plan was proposed. A smaller one was added to the length of the first staircase. It took the efforts of four young men to hold the whole structure in the air and direct it towards the goat.

The top of the ladder managed to hook him under the front legs and try to lower him down. When he «moved down» closer to the hill, one of the men, leaning the ladder on a flimsy tree, managed to climb higher and tied a rope to the goat’s hoof. After that, he threw it to the assistants who climbed higher up the mountain. Two men slowly began to «take» the animal by the leg to themselves.

When it was almost on the ground, they untied the rope. The goat tried to «kick». After that, with double efforts, the horns were removed from the wires. The goat stood for a while, trying to recover, then walked away with uncertain steps. Gradually recovering, the animal runs across the road quickly enough and hides behind the nearest bushes.

Where he came from there, the rescuers never found out, although several reasonable versions can be put forward. During the laying of power lines, especially in mountainous areas, the cable is not lifted onto each individual pole. It is fixed on the tops, with the calculation of the length temporarily thrown on the ground and then machines produce a stretch.

The distance can reach hundreds of meters, so people don’t always see what’s going on. The animal can be nearby, catch its horns on the wire and soar up with it. At times, transmission lines run along the treetops. Given the terrain, mountain goats may well climb there in search of juicy leaves.

Careless movement – and now the animal hanging on the wires «moves out» to where the slope of the wire goes, scaring the surrounding people with its appearance. There are cases in different parts of the world. So in a small town in Norway, Helgoisind «soared» over the houses of a domestic ram, calling people to help with his bleating.

In another northern country, people were shocked to see a huge moose on the wires. Therefore, if you are driving, do not be surprised by any unexpected situations. An animal in trouble can always hope only for human help.

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