The boy loses the dog and looks for it in tears, and then something incredible happens…

Human involvement can work real miracles. To do this, it is enough just to pay attention to someone else’s grief and try to help, or at least to attract to the actions of those who can do it. The city of San Luis Potosi in Mexico has become an example of unity and human attitude to the problems of complete strangers. In one of the ordinary families, a little boy Jonathan was presented with a magnificent curly puppy, who was only a few weeks old at the time of acquaintance.

The white handsome man was named Ryder. The boy was delighted and became very friendly with his pet. But one day, on an evening walk, a huge grief happened for Jonathan – he lost his Rider, letting him off the leash. The little boy was terribly upset. He cried for several days. His parents and aunt tried to comfort Jonathan and even promised him to buy another dog of the same breed.

But the boy shook his head at all the suggestions. Realizing how great his loss was, his family took decisive action, hoping for people’s help. They printed leaflets and took to the streets in the evening to distribute them to passing passers-by. They made a big poster for Jonathan with the inscription «wanted». The boy himself pasted a photo of a furry friend and went out to search with his family.

When he walked around with a photo of Ryder and remembered their games together, the boy became so sad that tears constantly flowed from his eyes. Residents of the city saw the baby with sadness every day. He stomped along the sidewalks with a white poster in his hands and cried incessantly. It was impossible to look at it! The child was looking for his dog all in tears, after that something incredible happened.

Sincere sympathy for the unfortunate little man began to awaken in people. His photos began to appear en masse on Twitter with comments that this crying kid is looking for his furry friend Ryder. An ad with a phone number and an address where you can report was posted by a large portal in Mexico dedicated to finding owners for animals from a shelter. They wrote the following: «This little boy is looking for his friend Ryder; walks the streets and cries, but can’t find him.

Baby, you’ll find him. Please make this photo viral» Many people called and said they had seen a similar dog in one place or another in the city. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Ryder. More than two weeks have passed, but people have not forgotten about the boy. More than nine hundred thousand people with accounts there shared the story on Twitter alone. The story went on and on.

The boy now behaved more calmly, but he did not forget anything. And at times he began to cry desperately and yearn for his pet again. He and his family were greatly supported by the words of consolation of people and the hope that the dog would be found by joint efforts. Thanks to the participation of many people, the dog was found unharmed. The boy’s aunt reported this on her Twitter and Facebook page. She thanked everyone for sharing, for every word and information that was transmitted.

Next to a new photo of Ryder and a happy Jonathan, she wrote that the puppy was happy and well-groomed because he was with good people. They learned about the boy’s grief from social networks and gladly returned the foundling to its rightful little owner. Residents were not indifferent to someone else’s problem, and it was solved in a big city in just 2 weeks. If we help each other, there will be significantly fewer people around who look at the world with unhappy eyes.

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