The son robbed them, leaving his parents in poverty, but the ungrateful guy did not foresee one thing…

The story I’m going to tell today comes from Cuba, but could happen anywhere in the world. She tells us that children are often ungrateful, and parents are generous. In general, see to the end. It will be interesting. Miguel and Paula lived in a small village near the capital. They have been one family for 40 years. The man has been hired for many years to plow and field work at a local agricultural farm. Large harvests of beans and corn were grown here.

The spouse stayed at home. To help her husband, she was engaged in embroidery. They had an agreement with the store, which gladly accepted icons, flowers and whole paintings for sale. The family lived well by local standards and slowly saved money. Since they were young, they wanted to have a family where two or three kids would run. But, unfortunately, after the first birth, the doctors gave Paula a disappointing diagnosis.

The more they loved their only son Fidel. He always got everything he wanted. His mother tried to protect him from hard work, and his father never took him to the field. Over the years, the health of the elderly began to deteriorate. My wife often had joint pain. In order to be near her more often, Miguel left work. For his many years of honest work, the owner of the farm allocated the old man a plot where he could grow whatever he wanted.

Miguel was very happy. He had two oxen on his farm, on which he could plow the field and do planting. Selling agricultural products, he used part of the money for medicine and food, the other half was saved. There was no hope for the son. He never appeared on the field. He said that he had found a job as a dispatcher at a spare parts sales company. He left home early and came in late.

He complained that he was getting tired. But mothers increasingly said that he was seen in a billiard club, where there were slot machines. Unpleasant personalities were constantly hanging out there. They even said that they were selling drugs. Paula was very afraid, but she didn’t say anything to her husband, fearing for his health. She asked her son what he was getting into. But I got empty excuses. Miguel has finished the next season of product sales.

The old people happily put some more money in the box, realizing that they would live in peace until the next season. The old man put all the working tools in the annex to the house. They bought hay for the bulls. At this time, on the way to the billiard club, Fidel was met by creditors. They took him out of the village and brought him to a steep cliff. After that, they were given the right to choose — tomorrow to «accidentally fall» from this height or bring them money.

Fidel said in fright that he would bring everything tomorrow at the same time.At home, he took the key to the box from the kitchen. He opened it, took out all the money that his parents had saved up over many years of hard work, and put them in a backpack. Then he closed the box and returned the key to its place. When it got dark, I quietly left the house. The bandits counted the money, but said they were a little short.

Then they «good-naturedly offered» to repay the remainder of the debt with agricultural tools that they had seen from Fidel’s father or his own two bulls. The debtor understood that stealing animals would simply kill his father, so he agreed to steal the tools. He decided to fake the theft. He broke the lock on the annex and stole all the tools. The old people and even their neighbors were shocked. There has never been theft in their village. Especially such that everything was stolen at once.

On some whim, Paula took the key and opened the box where they stored all their savings. It was empty. The old men realized who took their money. Perhaps no one would ever know who stole the expensive tools, but fate decided to take pity on the old people. The crooks brought the stolen goods for sale to the agricultural farm where Miguel worked for many years. The owner of the farm immediately recognized the tools that he himself once went to buy together with the foreman. He realized that his old faithful friend’s tools had been stolen.

And if he doesn’t buy them now, the old man will be left with nothing. He said he would buy everything, but on condition that he was told who was selling the inventory. The crooks told who gave them the tool for sale. At this time Fidel returned home. He could see how upset his parents were, but he didn’t say anything. While the elderly couple were thinking about how to live on, the owner of an agricultural company approached the house.

He and two assistants dragged everything that was stolen. Miguel happily went to meet his former boss. But no one understood where he got the tools from. Senor Alonso was angry. He saw Fidel and forced him to confess to the theft in front of his parents. Fidel himself already wanted to remove the stone from his soul. The owner of the agricultural firm sternly told him: «I do not do charity work! These tools are quite expensive, even for me.

I bought them out of respect for your parents. But you’ll have to earn all the money on the field. Unless, of course, you want to go to jail!». The son-thief gladly agreed. Their own son robbed them, condemning them to poverty, but the ungrateful guy did not foresee one thing, that a conscience would turn out to be a complete stranger by blood!

Now Miguel and Paula hoped that Senor Alonso would teach their son decent work. This will be useful to him later, when he inherits his father’s lands. Fidel repented and realized how mean he had acted. He gave his word that he would work with all diligence to become a real son, able to support his parents. The old people really hoped that their son would change. There were no more secrets between them.

This terrible page of life was turned over, and everyone rejoiced that new times had come. You need to be able to forgive your relatives. The main thing is that they sincerely repent and decide to live with dignity, and reproaches for past mistakes can only push them to commit new ones. That’s all friends, share this story, put likes and write comments.

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