She pretended to be blind to find out if her husband was stealing. What she found out was even worse.

Most people consider rich people happy. But sometimes there are meetings in their lives, because of which the whole life turns into a new direction. I don’t know if this story is based on a real case, but it definitely won’t leave you indifferent. See to the end. A beautiful blonde with blue eyes, Elena, ran a large logistics company. Many wondered how she managed to hold a huge number of subordinate men in her hands, but the lady’s character was «iron», which the girl was proud of. One morning she was in a hurry to get to the office.

Elena was absolutely freaking out at the wheel, and then a young man in a wheelchair rolled up to the open window of the car, begging for alms. The girl poured out all her irritation on him, calling him a slacker and a parasite who does not want to work. She didn’t know yet that a few blocks from this place she would have a completely different life. Elena did not see how a truck drove tangentially into her car at full speed. I just felt a strong blow and woke up already in the hospital. Mom was there. She recognized her by her voice, because her whole head was bandaged.

Elena learned from her that she had lost her sight. After the hospital, my mother moved into her house and undertook to help in everything. Having previously been an accountant, she took over her daughter’s affairs. Lena told her mother the specifics of the work, she checked all the calculations. Elena’s despair was pushed away only by work. When she came home, she sometimes smashed furniture and dishes out of impotence to change the situation. The mother did not say anything, but tried with all her might to pull her daughter out of despair.

She even persuaded her to resume classes at the fitness center. For the sake of her daughter, her mother signed up for sports, too. After 3 weeks, a new guy Sergey appeared in the hall. After learning that a beautiful blind girl runs a large company, he thought hard. Having decided something for himself, at the next training session the guy approached Lena to get acquainted. Overcoming her external rudeness, Sergey managed to please his daughter and mother.

The latter was happy that her girl started to thaw. Romantic meetings, dancing in a separate VIP area at a disco, dinners at a restaurant…It was there that Sergey, an employee of an international company, a young man with a good income, made an offer to Elena. The wedding was luxurious, striking those present with the beauty of the bride, her amazing dress and the nobility of the groom in love with a blind girl. Everyone thought it was a fairy tale with a happy ending. But it turned out that everything was just beginning.

After returning from a honeymoon, Sergey became the head of the company. Although Elena came to the office with her husband, but now he signed all the documents. Elena’s old friend, Svetlana, also worked here. It was she who «steered» the company while the owner was in the hospital. Now Svetlana has stayed away. She decided that the situation needed to change. The woman began to flirt with Sergei, taking advantage of the fact that his wife does not see.

The man began to succumb to the attentions of a spectacular brunette. More than once Elena’s mother noticed how they exchanged «sweet» glances. When she told her daughter about it, Elena replied that Sveta was her best friend, and Seryozha was her legal husband. She advised her mother to stay at home. But she began to listen more attentively. One evening, when she entered her office, Lena heard the «click» of the safe, but could not find anyone in the room. Perhaps the thief just slipped out on the sly.

There have been significant changes in her husband’s behavior. He came home from work even later than she did. Lena did not believe in her husband’s betrayal, but she wanted to catch the thief. At that moment, her mother told her wonderful news. Her doctor found a professor from Japan who is ready to guarantee the restoration of vision. If they agree to pay all expenses, he can fly to Moscow. For everyone, Elena went on a trip with her mother. Hidden cameras were left in the office and at home. The operation was successful.

Elena saw it again! To check if her husband was stealing from her, she decided to temporarily pretend to be blind. What she found out was even worse. The video from the hidden cameras of the office clearly showed how her Seryozha stole money from the safe every day. The woman called the police and went home with her mother. There she asked everyone to temporarily stay at the entrance and opened the apartment with her key. Two voices were heard in the house.

They were talking about the fact that by the day of Elena’s arrival tomorrow, they need to clear the safe from the house and stage a robbery. Sergey and Svetlana were talking to her! Elena, gathering her will into a fist, walked into the room like a blind woman. Seeing his wife, the husband stared, put his finger to his lips and looked at Svetlana. She quieted down like a mouse, slowly sliding off the bed. Sergei began to tell his wife about love, Svetlana made «faces», confident that she did not see her.

Unable to stand it, Elena grabbed a vase from the bedside table and brought it down on her husband’s head with all her might. He collapsed to the floor. Feeling an unprecedented surge of strength, the business lady happily clung to Svetlana’s hair. Representatives of the law burst into the apartment at the screams of the mistress. They handcuffed Sergei. Elena was barely unhooked from Svetlana by two policemen. An investigation of the lovers’ machinations has begun. For fraud and large-scale embezzlement, they faced a real term. At the same time, Sergei did not get anything after the divorce, since his infidelity was proved.

Daughter and mother, again «harnessed» to the business, which went uphill. The Japanese professor who performed the operation on Elena turned out to have a handsome young doctor as Moscow assistants. A few days later, he called Elena to come for an examination. After that, their romance began. In life, it is important to understand who is next to you and it is worth listening to the opinion of your relatives, otherwise, you can bring traitors who will destroy everything that is dear. Friends, that’s all, what do you think about this story? Write your opinion in the comments and be sure to share this video with your friends.

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