The girl did not have a strong itching in her nose — then she visits the doctors and makes a terrifying discovery.

People travel to southern countries hoping to get new experiences and a luxurious vacation by the sea. Not all of them think that they can bring something so terrible with them that it will be difficult and scary to get rid of. Daniela Liverani, 24 years old from Britain, traveled through Southeast Asia light, on a small motorcycle with a single backpack on her shoulders.

Accordingly, the issues of comfort and sterility were not the most important on this path. Once, on the way, she fell off the motorcycle altogether. Soon after, she noticed that she began to have frequent nosebleeds. They did not stop when the girl returned home to Edinboro. Daniela assumed that she had damaged a vessel in her nose during a fall, which sometimes began to bleed.

From time to time she saw something sticking out of her nostril, but when she tried to pull it out, she couldn’t. The girl decided that it was a blood clot that got stuck in her nose. When she took a shower, it became longer and reached her lower lip. Increasingly, my nose began to itch unbearably. In the end, Danielle got tired of it, and she decided to finally pull out the «hanging» in front of the mirror.

By this time, she had been suffering from bleeding for a month. The girl jumped out of the shower to the mirror and saw a «something» sticking out of her nose, hanging already below her lower lip. She looked and was horrified to see crests on it. Then she realized that it was something alive.

The girl and her friend were shocked. They called a well-known telemedicine organization — NHS 24. They were told that they were clearly in an emergency and had to go to the hospital urgently. Daniela, accompanied by her friend, went into the treatment room. The doctor and nurse began to examine her nose with a flashlight, forceps and tweezers.

On their faces, the girl saw outright horror. After that, the nightmare began. The nurse and Jenny held Daniela, the doctor with large forceps spread his nose wide and began to pick at it. When the doctor grabbed «something» and tried to pull, the girl felt something pulling her nose from inside. Attempts to pull lasted about half an hour. And suddenly the pain stopped.

The doctor inserted the extracted creature into the tweezers and showed it to Daniela. She almost fainted from disgust. It was a huge leech, longer than the index finger and thicker than the thumb. She grew up like this, feeding on the girl’s blood. The itching in the nose began at the time when the leech gnawed further.

The curator from the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Mark Siddal, said that Daniela could have caught the leech in Vietnam while bathing or drinking raw water. «People don’t feel how this worm gets into their nose,» the scientist said.

The doctor from the hospital frankly said that they arrived at the doctor on time. «Otherwise, it could have penetrated your brain,» he said to a stunned Daniela at parting. When visiting exotic southern countries, you need to be extremely attentive to your body. With any changes, it is necessary to visit a doctor, so as not to get a parasite that can easily provide a person with unbearable suffering and even a painful death.

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