She thought the wolf would bite her, but something happened that the girl did not expect at all!

When a desperate situation develops, people begin to pray or ask for help from any otherworldly forces known to them. There is no time for pride or the search for scientific justification for unexplained phenomena. Just to fix the situation. The heroine of this story, having got into trouble, no longer hoped for anyone. But some seventh sense still told her how to behave, and to whom to turn for salvation. It happened in the Siberian taiga in 1998. There was a crisis in the yard, and people were looking for any ways to earn money. To somehow make ends meet.

So one young family moved to the countryside, as the head of the family was offered a good position at a large sawmill in these remote areas. True, the father and mother understood that their daughter needed to study, and therefore they made every effort for the child to enter the Moscow Institute. The girl turned out to be capable. She made her way to the Faculty of Economics, where there was a very decent competition. As a nonresident, an intelligent student was given a place in a hostel. But, despite the new prospects, the girl was still drawn closer to her parents. She couldn’t wait for the end of the session, when she could come to stay with them. The exams were successful and the young student took the first train home.

Mom welcomed her cordially, but explained that dad had a lot of work, so he couldn’t meet his daughter. The man worked on a floating schedule and was supposed to appear in the house only in 5 days. The daughter decided to prepare for the meeting and please her father with fresh preparations of wild mushrooms and berries. In the morning, the mother of a young student went to work. In addition to the household, she kept local accounting. I worked part-time. After waiting for her mother to leave, the girl put on rubber boots, a tracksuit, a raincoat and went into the forest. She was not afraid of getting lost, as she hoped that she had not yet managed to forget these places. There were a lot of mushrooms.

After about 40 minutes, the city student realized that it was time to return — the baskets became too heavy. However, the path disappeared somewhere. The girl was so carried away by collecting mushrooms that she moved too far away from the trampled road. Panic seized her. Dropping the baskets, she began to climb the nearest hills to see at least the slightest gap between the ancient trees. All in vain. It remained only to wander in circles at random. After a couple of hours, the girl completely despaired. She burst into tears and began to ask aloud for help, not yet understanding to whom exactly she was addressing. Suddenly a gray dog ran out into the clearing. In appearance, the animal looked more like a small wolf. The dog ran up to the student and began wagging his tail. Then she remembered that she had a piece of dried meat in her pocket.

The girl took out a treat and threw it on the ground. The dog gladly accepted the gift and ate it in a couple of seconds. Then the dog ran into the woods and disappeared from sight. Then he ran out again. As if not understanding why the girl hadn’t followed him yet. She finally realized that the animal was calling her to follow him. I had to obey. For almost an hour she tried to catch up with the dog, as she was running too fast. When the girl went out on the road leading to the village, the dog was no longer there. It’s like he’s gone through the ground. The student ran home, where her inconsolable mother and several neighbors who had gathered to look for her were waiting for her.

The daughter received a decent scolding from her mother for disobedience. When the mother calmed down, the daughter told everything. The neighbors also listened attentively to the unusual story. And one grandmother at the end thoughtfully said that there were no such dogs in the village. The woman added that perhaps the spirit of the forest heard the girl’s pleas and appeared to her in the form of an animal. And when he was fed meat, he decided to help the lost one get out. The rest of those present were divided exactly in half. Someone believed in this version, and others began to deny it. People did not come to a consensus and soon went home.

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