The father of five children goes to the doctor with a common cold and finds out that he has CANCER

Life is very unpredictable, sometimes it gives us pleasant surprises, and sometimes it deals a crushing blow. This story is about Harry Holmes from England. The man worked, raised 5 children, met with friends. He was always very busy, not paying due attention to health. Big deal, no appetite, a little runny nose. You need to do things, run somewhere, solve something. When the runny nose became very intrusive, and the appetite did not appear, the man still decided to see a doctor. Harry felt good, coped well with everyday tasks, so he did not expect anything bad from visiting a medic.

However, the doctor found the symptoms he found very suspicious. The doctor prescribed Harry strong antibiotics to eliminate the manifestations of the disease. He understood that if powerful medicines did not help, then things were bad. Harry didn’t believe that there could be something terrible with him. He was sure he just had a cold. However, after a course of antibiotics, the Englishman did not get better. Then the doctor told Harry that he might have cancer. The man did not believe in such a possibility, because he just had a runny nose! Harry laughed in the doctor’s face, so improbable did the doctor’s version seem to him.

Holmes didn’t doubt for a minute that he just had a little cold. However, the doctor strongly recommended that the patient undergo endoscopy and biopsy procedures. When Harry found out the results of the examinations, he was just shocked! It turned out that the man was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. The tumor spread to the liver, metastases indicated that the disease was in the last stage. The doctor informed Harry that he had only a few months to live. It is difficult to imagine what was going on in the soul of a strong, able-bodied man, a father of 5 children, when he learned this news. After all, Harry had so many plans! He wanted to attend his daughter’s wedding, travel, be with the woman he loved. Unfortunately, the doctors did not leave him any hope for this.

Of course, Harry’s life was divided into before and after. The Englishman, along with his beloved Christie, decided not to hide his illness from the children. After all, when Harry dies, it will be a real shock for them. Let the children spend the last months of Harry’s life with their father, carefully preserving the shared memories of the happy moments they lived together. The man found out about the deadly disease on Christmas Eve. The whole house was decorated for the holiday, life went on as usual. But, of course, after the news about cancer, nothing could be the same as before. The life of the family is now permeated with sadness, constant thoughts about death. So, Harry’s daughter, who is only 11 years old, once approached her father, took his hand and said:

«I know you won’t be here long.» It is impossible to hold back tears when you imagine this picture. Harry decided that before he died, he should not get discouraged, it is better to fulfill the dreams that he has. So, a man has lived with his beloved for 25 years, but has not legitimized his relationship. After Harry found out his diagnosis, he decided to marry the mother of his children. Christie is organizing the wedding, she is looking forward to the moment when she can become Mrs. Holmes. Of course, the news about the illness of a loved one knocked the ground out from under the woman’s feet, but she decided to stay strong for the sake of her children.

Now Christie wants to spend as much time as possible with her husband in order to preserve the memories of Harry forever after his death. Let’s live a full life, but the most important thing is to pay attention to your health. Do not ignore the body’s signals, which may indicate some kind of ailment. Visiting a doctor and early diagnosis of the disease can really save a life.

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