Lion protecting his sick wife from herd of buffalo, watch amazing love between them

On social media, we get to see videos of the love between animals, and today we have brought a similar video for you in which a lion is seen saving a Lioness from the herd of Buffalo. This video is being liked very much by social media users, in which it can be seen that Lioness is sitting in the forest due to illness and then Buffalo’s herd comes to attack the lioness but the lion standing there comes in front of Lioness so that he can save Lioness from Buffalos. Lion also tries to attack Buffalos a couple of times but due to a large number of Buffalos, both Lion and Lioness run away.

This video going viral has been shared on ‘NexVay’ YouTube channel, which has been liked by 1.2 lakhs users so far. After watching this video viewers are giving their different reactions. One user wrote, «This was beautiful how he risked his life to save hers then they walked away together.» While another user wrote, «Watching him run up to catch up with her was astonishing. woww the love that the lions share is amazing.»

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