An elephant attacks safari vehicle in jungle, see what happens next

People often like to go on jungle safari so that they can see the wildlife very closely and can capture some incidents there on their camera, but sometimes doing this can prove to be fatal. We get to see many such videos on social media in which animals are attacking humans and today we have brought such a shocking video for you in which an elephant attacked some tourists on a jungle safari and what would happen after that is very scary. In this video going viral, it can be seen that an elephant attacks the safari vehicle and the tourists sitting in it get very scared. The driver sitting in the car asks the tourists to get out of the car and run towards another car parked behind and save their life by sitting in it.

This video, which is going viral on social media, has been shared on Instagram on the channel ‘wildlife.wildly’, which has received 2,998 likes so far. NetGenes is giving different reactions after watching this video. One user commented and wrote «There’s probably more of this to come as it’s more and more visitors are taking safaris, I’m glad everyone is ok.»

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