Horrible video of lioness catches its prey mid-air, viral video

On the Internet, we get to see many viral videos of Lioness hunting other animals, but the video we brought for you today is very different, in which a Lioness has a very different style of hunting a deer. In this video going viral, it can be seen that two lionesses try to attack a deer on a small hill to hunt, and as soon as the lionesses try to catch the deer, the deer jumps down the hill and you will be surprised to see what happens after that. As the deer jumps downhill to save its life, Lioness also jumps down the hill to catch her and manages to catch the deer mid-air. As soon as the Lioness reaches the ground after catching the deer, the deer manages to get free from the clutches of the Lioness, but after that, the other Lioness also comes by jumping from the hill and is successful in hunting the deer.

Going Viral This video has been shared on the page ‘br.ijesh2851’ on Instagram, which has got 9,867 likes so far. NetGenes is giving different reactions after watching this video. One user commented «Awesome professional jump . Must be the Queen while another user wrote Sorry, but if something willing to@catch you mid air, they deserve that meal lol.»

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