A Cheetah drinking water but something happened you will be surprised to see

Social media is a platform where we get to see many great videos of animals that are crazy viral. Today we have brought one such video for you which will surprise you. We all know that crocodile is called the king of water and it cannot be guessed when they attack any animal because they attack by hiding underwater and attacking up only after reaching close to the prey. It is almost impossible for any animal to escape from the clutches of the crocodile.

In this video going viral on social media, it can be seen that a cheetah is sitting on the bank of the pond and drinking water and as soon as the crocodile detects the prey, it silently reaches the shore and attacks the cheetah but the cheetah has good luck that it jumps very high and jumps into the pond as soon as the crocodile attacks it. As soon as it jumps into the pond, the cheetah comes out of the water and runs back to the forest, and is successful in saving its life. This video of Cheetah and Crocodile has been shared on the Instagram account «WILDLIVEPLANET» which has been liked by more than 6K users so far.

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