Fight between Sand Cat and Desert Snake, watch viral video

A video of a sand cat and a desert snake fighting is going viral on social media. In this video going viral, it can be seen that a sand cat sees a snake in the desert and goes to it to hunt it. A cat sits near the snake and looks for the right opportunity to hunt the snake. Snake also stands in its defense spreading its hood and tries to bite the cat 2 to 3 times but Cat manages to defend itself. After this, the cat attacks the snake and badly damages the snake’s head with its claws.

This video, which is going viral, has been shared on YouTube on a channel named ‘Documentaire Animalier’, which has been seen by more than 30 million users so far. At the end of this video, it can be seen that the cat attacks the snake many times and in the end manages to hunt the snake. Social media users are giving their different reactions to this video. One user wrote «‘ve never seen a cat panting like that. Trying to cool itself down in the blistering hot desert while wearing a fur coat. «Cat’s are really adorable they always takes the challenge whoever the enemy infront of them » strength & skills are more powerful than size & weight in life» cat’s proved.»

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