Fresh mother saw the midwife screaming in the delivery room — looked closely at her babies, and realized what had happened

Seconds after she gave birth to her twins, the midwife couldn’t hold herself from screaming of what was happening infront of her.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the room understood that something wonderful and extraordinary was happening at the birth room.

When Sarah and Bill Thistlethwaite found out they are having a pregnancy with twins, they were in extacy.

But their happiness immediately got mixed with worry when the doctors found out that their babies are single-tiered twins. That means that they are identical twins sharing one egg, sharing the same placenta, and the same amniotic fluid bag.

Great risk

This kind of pregnancy involves great risk. Sarah was hospitalized 57 days before the twins were born in a Cesarean surgery.

Sarah and Bill already had a son, and they were realy excited before the birth of their twin sisters. Two days before Father’s Day of 2014, the moment of their birth have finally arrived.

The twin sisters were born in a 46 seconds difference between each, and were both healthy.

The moment the daughters got out, the doctors held them high so their mother could see them. She could barely believe what her eyes saw as she was looking at the two daughters holding hands.

«My heart was melting», Sarah told the Dailymail. «Even my husband started crying — I don’t think there was a single eye in the room that was left dry».

It’s now been 3 years since Jenna and Jillian were born. Today, the two sisters have started each to develope a personality of her own, but there’s still one thing that’s common for both of them: they both like to hold hands.

The sisters love to be together and don’t want to do anything without one another.

Thank god the delicate pregnancy has ended successfully. It’s wonderful to see how Jenna and Jillian grew up.

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